By Emily Sorensen
April 20, 2017

A Poway author has published a new book that focuses on how a brand can be built or destroyed, which reached No. one on

David Corbin, noted keynote speaker, business advisor, business owner and author, recently released “Preventing BrandSlaughter: How to Preserve, Support, and Grow Your Brand Asset Value,” his fourth published book. He recently finished writing his fifth book and a sixth is in production, he said.

Corbin described the concept of “BrandSlaughter” as everyone and everything having a brand and everything we do either builds or destroys that brand. “There is nothing neutral and everything counts,” he said. “In businesses today, their brand is in the hands of many people, but they don’t educate them on what the brand is and how they carry the brand in their interactions.”

An example Corbin gave was a hypothetical small Poway business carrying the same product as a big box store like Walmart. The small business must give people a reason to buy local, which can be connecting with their customers, learning about their personal lives and providing a warm experience. If their employees don’t know about this and treat customers coldly, they are committing BrandSlaughter and destroying their brand.

“You need to do an audit of your brand integrity,” said Corbin. “Teach all your employees your brands and values and have them take an audit in their corner of the world. Now they know how to live the brand.”

A recent article by used Corbin’s concept of BrandSlaughter in discussing the recent PR faux pas by United Airlines, where he recommended incorporating such an audit into the training of employees so an incident like the one where a passenger was manhandled off his flight never happens again.

“United Airlines embarrassed itself several times,” said Corbin, “but if they taught the BrandSlaughter model, every employee would know how every situation plays out in harmony with the brand.”

In addition to his work as an author, Corbin is a keynote speaker, giving talks not only on BrandSlaughter but also on accentuating the positive and illuminating the negative, customizing training and building a total service mentality, among others.

Corbin, a Poway resident since 1981, also volunteers in Poway in his spare time. He served on the original Poway Road revitalization committee in 1982, was one of the original board members for the Poway Center for the Performing Arts and volunteered for the Poway-Midland Railroad before it opened to the public.

Corbin’s latest book is available on either as a physical paperback or a digital ebook for kindle. His books are also available for purchase on his website,

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