Based on the Wall Street Journal Best Selling book, Preventing BrandSlaughter™ and International Best Selling book, The Illuminated Brand,

In the Illuminated Brand Training System, we overview the model and give solid strategies to engage each participant into a culture of BrandCentricity and minimize the incidents of BrandSlaughter; acting out of integrity of the brand values and brand promises. The program involves:

  • Facilitation in the areas of identifying your Intended Brand Descriptor- essentially, descriptive adjectives that we want our clients and all other stakeholders to describe us? Then, with that, we audit whether we are earning such descriptive adjectives (BrandIntegrity) or not (BrandSlaughter).
  • The Audit of Brand Integrity (Abby), in which all employees take inventory of how they are ‘carrying and living’’ the brand, interactions and touchpoints with their core job functions and daily activities.
  • Creating personal and group Strategic Brand Initiatives and Performance Gap Analysis in these critical areas, identifying gaps between where we are and where we want and need to be in order to ‘earn’ the intended brand descriptors and act in integrity with our brand values and brand promises
  • This fun, fast-paced program is educational, inspirational, and facilitates introspection, engagement and a culture of BrandCentricity.
  • Copy of the best-selling book, The Illuminated Brand is provided to all attendees.
  • Everyone receives a comprehensive Illuminated Brand workbook to capture their findings, monitor their progress and reinforce all core components of this program.
  • Learning, doing, applying, and reinforcing. This program works because it’s been well designed, tested, modified, and honed with hundreds of participants. The net result: increased brand asset value, increased employee engagement, and productivity.
  • The program starts with a keynote and ends with an award ceremony.

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