David M Corbin, the ‘Mentor To Mentors” offers and exclusive opportunity to be personally mentored for a year, including six separate full day one on one sessions to take place at his office building at his home property in Southern California. Each session is a deep dive into all aspects of your business… and YOU. Based in part on David’s internationally acclaimed ILLUMINATE model (Illuminate: Harnessing The Positive Power of Negative Thinking, Wiley&Sons Publishing), you will evaluate all contributing factors to your success; progress and stalls. David draws from his 30yrs as a consultant to enormous companies as well as small and mediums, famous authors and thought leaders and more. An award winning inventor and entrepreneur himself, David has a treasure trove of experience and contacts. As a Mentee or Protoge, you will access to it all. This is only for the serious, committed individual willing to explore the ‘inner game’ of success as well as the ‘outer game’ of strategy, tactics and actions. See videos below to learn more.


And for those who KNOW that they are ready for mentoring with David but are not yet budgeted for the MacroMentoring, there is now a way to get the ball rolling… MicroMentoring. You will have two sessions directly with David- one on one via Skype or Zoom. Prior to the first session, you will be given an in depth questionnaire as well as a comprehensive behavioral styles assessment (value$699). Then, your first session will be calendarized and your MicroMentoring Program will begin. When capitalized for the MacroMentoring Program, every dollar you’ve invested in this program will be applied to your MacroMentoring Program as David will be well ‘logged on’ to you and your business at that point.


Greg S Reid, Bestselling Author, Acclaimed Speaker, Filmmaker

David Gilman, Kaiser Permanente

John Chase, Orthopedic Surgeon

Angela Lavaspere, Healthcare Executive

Melanie Riveira, College Dir. Student Services, Administrator

Athena Rosette, Founder of Alter Ego Podcast

Dr. Axel Meierhoefer, Organizational Psychologist

Bronkar Lee, Entertainer, Consultant

Dan Hyman, Entertainer, Consultant

Dr. Desiree Cox, Rhodes Scholar, Physician, Consultant

Neary Heng, Author, Speaker

Tracy & Tom Hazzard, Award Winning Inventors, Consultants


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