Today’s movement, #MeToo, has me both disgusted and, at the same time, extremely optimistic. It has me reflecting on one of the most powerful movies I’ve ever seen in my life. The title of the movie is provocative and, to some, understandably, offensive. The film, I hurry to say, was written by a black [...]

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As Featured In Small Business Trends: How the Best Businesses Are Preventing BrandSlaughter

This is a branding book that covers a unique topic, the death of a brand. Using a fictional case study, Reliance Hospital, the book shows why businesses must remain proactive about every important aspect of their brand or risk watching their brands die. What is Preventing BrandSlaughter About? Understanding the importance of proactively managing [...]

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As Featured In INC | The 3-Step Guide to Uncovering (and Removing) Problems in Your Company

Be prepared to take a good, honest look in the mirror. Johnny Mercer and The Pied Pipers first recorded the song "Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive" in 1944, and many stars have covered the tune--Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, Paul McCartney, Barry Manilow, and, for you punk fans, The Vindictives, just to name a few. But for [...]

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Preserve & Grow Your Brand

Listen Here: David Corbin has been inspiring and educating people for more than 28 years as a keynote speaker and business advisor in the areas of Marketing, Branding, Organizational and Culture Development, Sales and more. David is an author of many books including Preventing Brand Slaughter: How to Preserve, Support & Grow Your [...]

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As Featured in The Union Tribune | Poway author publishes new book on brand integrity

By Emily Sorensen April 20, 2017 A Poway author has published a new book that focuses on how a brand can be built or destroyed, which reached No. one on Amazon.com. David Corbin, noted keynote speaker, business advisor, business owner and author, recently released “Preventing BrandSlaughter: How to Preserve, Support, and Grow Your Brand [...]

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As Featured In Forbes | Illuminate The Negative To Reach Entrepreneurial Goals

“You’ve got to accentuate the positive,” the song goes. But serial entrepreneur David Corbin has a surprise ending to the familiar refrain: “Illuminate the negative.”  Illuminate? Yes, illuminate, he maintains. Illuminating the negative is the theme of Corbin’s book, Illuminate: Harnessing the Power of Negative Thinking, and the principle he’s used to help a number [...]

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As Featured In Forbes | How To Prevent ‘BrandSlaughter’

As Featured in FORBES: How To Prevent 'BrandSlaughter' As entrepreneurs we put a great deal of focus on our visible company attributes such as logo, colors, name and website, reputation, and the esoteric traits of brand promise. But what is a brand, really? It is people’s “gut feelings” about a product, a service or [...]

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BrandSlaughter in the name of ‘Procedures’???

I recently read somewhere that 'Monday is the perfect day to correct last week's mistakes', but the opposite was apparently true United Airlines. By now we've all watched, with disbelief and disgust, the video that went viral almost immediately around the world. This backlash is not surprising at all and I'm sure it'll get [...]

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Forbes Article – United Passenger Dragged; Uber Blames ‘Bad PR’: What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From These Company Crises

The current news is a hit parade of bad PR for United Airlines and Uber. Two weeks ago, the social universe went wild when a United employee rejected two teen passengers for wearing leggings. In the aftermath, while fumbling for a coherent response, the airline said the two were “pass riders”—employees or friends of [...]

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