This high content, easy to read and implement book is best described by a big fan….. “Psyched On Service is loaded with brilliant, instantly useable ideas on how to deliver extraordinary customer service to everyone, every time.” Mark Victor Hanson Co-creator, #1 New York Times best selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul Co-Author, The One Minute Millionaire.

To the individual professional, this book, in it’s 14th printing, makes the case that through personal development and a rededication to the organization’s success come the rewards of professional fulfillment and increased job security. Among its other value, this book teaches how to enlist the working professional in your vision of success. The Psyched On Service Mentality is about action. We’ve seen that when you engage your employees in the Psyched On Service Mentality, when you facilitate their working towards their own success and job security, when you implement a positive work culture that values everyone’s opinion, you’re going to see results. Read, re-read and most importantly use the exercises to actually take action, try them on for size, and cash them in. They don’t work if you don’t. Get excited about doing business, get psyched! The Psyched On Service Mentality begins with the business manager, leader, rapport leader yet its principles work for everybody. Get everyone involved!