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Headshot5David M.Corbin has been referred to as “Robin Williams with an MBA” because of his very practical, high content speeches coupled with entertaining and sometimes side splitting stories and applications. A former psychotherapist with a background in healthcare, he has served as management and leadership consultant to businesses and organizations of all sizes – from Fortune 20 companies to businesses with less than 1 million – and enjoys the challenges of all. He has worked directly with the Presidents of companies such as AT&T, Hallmark, Sprint as well as the Hon. Secretary of Veterans Administration and others.

“Your ability to deliver excellent customer service will determine your success or failure. David Corbin will show you how.” – Brian Tracy, author, Many Miles To Go.”“On behalf of Inc. Magazine thank you for your exciting Marketing Mentality programs. You were rated in the top 5% of all of our speakers!” – Beth Sheehan, INC. Magazine
“I can say without hesitation that David’s workshops, trainings and consultations have contributed not only hundreds of thousands of dollars to our bottom line but also moved us all closer to our personal goals as well.” – David J. Gilman, ABOC, NCLE. Dir. Training Kaiser Permanente“The workshop was noteworthy because of the opportunity to witness a real pro at work. Your facilitation skills, presentation skills, and enthusiasm contributed to a great experience.” – Les Mann, NeuroCare

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David w BooksILLUMINATE – ‘an immediate best seller!’

Learn to create a positive work environment by accentuating the positive and illuminating the negative!

We can’t solve everything that we face…. but we can’t solve anything unless we face it.

These days, all you hear about is the power of positive thinking. The buzzword of the day is PMA or “Positive Mental Attitude.” But the problem with focusing on the positive is that it often leads us to ignore the negative – and that just makes tough problems more difficult to solve. Real success in business or in life requires us to acknowledge the negative if we want to turn it into a positive.

Illuminate shines a light on the negative results of all this positive thinking. It’s a story about solving problems by choosing not to ignore them. It’s about accentuating the positive while tackling the negative. It’s about fostering a healthy, functional business environment and creating a culture that allows for open expression and the sharing of ideas – especially when those ideas are negative in nature. Negatives and challenges, when kept in the dark, multiply like mushrooms. The best disinfectant is always sunlight. You will learn to ‘accentuate the negative in a positive light’ and enjoy tremendous results.


This high content, easy to read and implement book is best described by a big fan….. “Psyched On Service is loaded with brilliant, instantly useable ideas on how to deliver extraordinary customer service to everyone, every time.”Mark Victor Hanson Co-creator, #1 New York Times best selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul Co-Author, The One Minute Millionaire.

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