heartbeatHow cool is that! I almost died!

Sound masochistic? Probably But not without explanation.

You see I had a car accident the other day which literally totaled my car beyond any usefulness. I can’t imagine it ever being fixed again because it looks damaged beyond repair.

So, you can imagine that after surviving an accident such as this I would feel ecstatic, right? I mean, come on, most people would probably say, “wow,am I lucky to be alive!”. I believe they would, as I did many years ago following a severe car accident and injury, declare and feel a deep sense of gratitude for having been spared- followed by deep gratitude for just about every little miracle they see on the daily basis; hummingbirds eating nectar, children interacting With love and joy as well as Business challenges that we get to confront and solve. I mean I was high on the fact that I survived, dodged a bullet and lived to face another day!

Well, I just had another such accident and… I don’t feel a sense of euphoric gratitude. I don’t feel that my life has change significantly in the areas of appreciation, gratitude and feeling amazingly blessed.

Why would I say this?

The answer is simple. I already live a life in deep gratitude. That’s the point! I ALREADY Live such a life of gratitude. You see, the last time I felt that massive gratitude was because I wasn’t in such appreciation, I wasn’t awake, aware, conscious and alert to the magnificent beauty abundance available to us on a daily basis, I WASN’T awake and aware of the “daily gifts” of this lifetime.

So, I use this recent experience as a report card. This report card tells me that I am living in integrity of my value – my value of gratitude.

And I ask you:

Are you in a state of deep gratitude every morning and every night?
Are you taking inventory on a regular basis of that which you are, indeed, grateful for?

If the answer is not a simple, YES, Then you may do well to do the following;

  1. Make a list of 20 things that, in general, you are grateful for right now.
  2. Next, add five things that you are grateful for that have happened in the last two weeks.
  3. Think of three people in your life right now that if, for any reason, they were not around that you would feel a huge loss, a huge void. And with this information play out in your mind how you would express your your deepest gratitude and love toward that person.