blog-wtf-to-omgYou know this process.
Something happens and we react with “What the F”rappachino? This sucks. Why me? What’s happening here?
And then what happens? Some time later we realize the value, gift or opportunity that was imbedded in that WTF event and we say “Oh My God”…. so THAT was the awesome reason that happened.
Like I said, you know this process- and we are in process of writing a book of the same title above.
Like me, you probably can recall quite a few of these ‘transformations’.
So what’s it all about? Why do we react so negatively to these ‘disguised’ blessings?
Here’s what I think. I think that we have an overactive protective ego mechanism that ‘knows’ that change is going down and it ‘knows’ that any change to status quo is a mega threat to it’s definate major purpose. It believes ‘maintain status quo or you will die’. That’s it; change equals death, plain and simple. So…..the ego prompts our quadrinity of body, intellect, emotion and spirit to react and scream….Whaaaaaat the Fuuuuuuuu??? And eventually we come to realize that this seemingly negative situation- losing a job, missing a flight, not making a particular deal, or ending a relationship was a real blessing in disguise, a life lesson gift that we are truly grateful for.

So I got to thinking….how much time and opportunity is lost in the gap between WTF and OMG? What if we could compress that time, you know, get the ego to take a chill pill and to minimize the ‘recovery time’.

Here’s what I found really works and what it’s based on. It seems that the autonomic nervous system holds onto previous trauma which is part of just about every human life. Because the trauma is stored in our body, our trigger is shorter when confronted with WTF situations and we have a greater tendency to automatically lurch into negative emotions. All this happens without thinking; reflexively.

One technique I came a cross, quite serendipitously, involves resetting the autonomic nervous system so that the ‘stimulus’ of the WTF event is not exacerbated by the nervous system. Essentially, we end up with less tendency to overreact, thus we can take a more ‘objective’ view of the situation- during or shortly after the triggering event. I was directed to videos on youtube, to try the simple exercises and it has been life changing- specifically with dealing with these hurdles in life.

If this strikes a note of reason, creates interest and desire to be able to more easily accept and assimilate life lessons then I strongly suggest that you view these simple exercises on youtube. I took the bait from a colleague and am glad that I did because my ‘trigger’ is so much less prone to get pushed and Im therefore able to deal much more effectively with the ‘slings and arrows’, ‘roadblocks and obstacles’, ‘badass boulders of bullpoop’ and culture abuse that we confront on a daily basis. For me it was a game changer. Try it. It’s free, simple and easy. Here’s the link:

Let me know how it works for you.