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As someone who grew up in the sixties and seventies and attended Woodstock, college protests, volunteered as Director of Community Counseling Center, med evac at concerts and festivals and the like, I still maintain a strong commitment to social change. My venue at this stage of my life is the business community and that’s where I am focusing my energies to making positive change. My books, keynotes and trainings are all about systems that foster peace of mind and productivity through personal and professional growth and development. They offer models for identifying values and mission and give procedures and processes for bringing them to life- acting in congruence with them at all times.

Forbes Article – United Passenger Dragged; Uber Blames ‘Bad PR’: What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From These Company Crises

The current news is a hit parade of bad PR for United Airlines and Uber. Two weeks ago, the social universe went wild when a United employee rejected two teen passengers for wearing leggings. In the aftermath, while fumbling for a coherent response, the airline said the two were “pass riders”—employees or friends of [...]

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Six Steps to Building Brand Value

If you know about Les Brown, then you’ve heard him ask, “Are ya hunnngry?” Les has been my friend for over 25 years, he’s is a fellow faculty member at CEO Space, and he’s such an inspiration to so many... “Are ya hunnngry?” My questions to you are similar, “Are ya hunnngry to build your [...]

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I’ve learned from mentors that when we have financial challenges in business, the best solution is to sell our way out of it. That thought stayed with me while I was recently in Africa. Why? Because my entire being was consumed with their obvious and ever present challenge of poverty, deep deep poverty which, [...]

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There are some pretty bad guys out there. Some people are just plain bad. We’ve had a few experiences lately and have, for some reason, attracted (?) them into our lives. It’s easy to become guarded, cynical and negative….seemingly with good reason. My dear friend, Mitch, moved his business and all his ‘stuff’ to [...]

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You know this process. Something happens and we react with “What the F”rappachino? This sucks. Why me? What’s happening here? And then what happens? Some time later we realize the value, gift or opportunity that was imbedded in that WTF event and we say “Oh My God”…. so THAT was the awesome reason that happened. [...]

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Have you ever had a rush of gratitude just swarm up from within…and have it sustain? Well, having just returned from Bulgaria- where I addressed 1200 emerging entrepreneurs- Im consumed with gratitude. See, since I was a kid, I’ve always been an entrepreneur. From selling cans of soda out of a garbage can filled with [...]

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How cool is that! I almost died! Sound masochistic? Probably But not without explanation. You see I had a car accident the other day which literally totaled my car beyond any usefulness. I can’t imagine it ever being fixed again because it looks damaged beyond repair. So, you can imagine that after surviving an accident [...]

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ITS BETTER TO BE A 3 LEGGED COYOTE THAN A 4 LEGGED FUR COAT My dear friend Joe Tye sent these thoughts recently…… A coyote caught in a trap will gnaw off its leg in order to escape. It instinctively knows that it’s better to be a three-legged coyote than a four-legged fur coat. It’s [...]

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