29e30a8a30d3215987b973f94935239aThere are some pretty bad guys out there. Some people are just plain bad. We’ve had a few experiences lately and have, for some reason, attracted (?) them into our lives. It’s easy to become guarded, cynical and negative….seemingly with good reason.

My dear friend, Mitch, moved his business and all his ‘stuff’ to live here in San Diego, Ca. Thinking that his contract with the people who leased him his yacht was to be honored, he optimistically and excitedly moved….only to find out that these people were some of the ‘bad guys’.

As easy as it was to become cynical, Mitch kept his wits about him. Sure, he was concerned because he was, technically, homeless (though someone like him, who has so much relationship capital will NEVER be without a roof over his head).

The saga continues in this ordeal and, overall, it’s turning out to be a positive turn of events. We found a great deal on another boat and he will probably be my marina ‘neighbor’. How cool will that be. Then we can both support one another as the ‘bad guys’ try to dislodge our bliss.